Rum baba: So good you won't want to share

We can't think of any nicer way to round out a summer day than with a rum baba.

Our rum baba is a small cake soaked in a syrup made with rum. It's topped with chantilly cream and fresh fruit. You will need a spoon, and you will definitely need your own because you won't want to share yours with anyone else.

Rum baba, or baba au rhum, have been popular in France for at least three hundred years. In the early 18th century, Stanislaus I, an exiled king of Poland living in the Lorraine region of France, brought back a Kugelhopf cake from the east. It had gone stale, and his patissier had the idea of soaking it in alcohol. Great idea! The rum baba was born.

We've had customers travel from Western Sydney to Mosman on the train and bus with an esky, just so they could bring a few home. Don't miss out - get them while they last.